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The elbow pain is a "hinge joint" that is made up of the humerus (upper arm) and its connections with the radius and ulna (Your forearm bones). While the main movements of the elbow are flexion and extension (bending and straightening) your arm, it is also critical in pronation and supination (rotation up or down) of the forearm.

Elbow Pain can be caused by damage, degeneration or irritation of any of the soft tissue, or bony structures around the elbow. Given how commonly the elbow is used for every day manual activities, it is a common source of pain for people in Australia.

Golfers Elbow

The elbow can flex and extend, as well as pronate and supinate the forearm. However, it is also critical in the function of the wrist and hand.

16 muscles cross the elbow joint, with many of them being the prime movers of your hand, fingers and wrist. A majority of the muscles that flex (bend) your wrist actually originate on the medial (middle side) side of your elbow joint.

Elbow Pain Treatment

Tennis Elbow

Similar to the wrist flexors, a majority of the muscles that extend (straighten) the wrist originate from the lateral (outside) side of your elbow joint.

Excessive strain on the common extensor origin, the insertion point of the wrist extensor muscles, due to overuse or misuse, can lead to the development of Tennis Elbow. It is commonly seen in people who perform grip based sports or activities (like tennis), manual workers, or people who use vibrating machinery.

Tennis Elbow
Will my Elbow Pain get better

Elbow Pain Treatment Outcomes: Effective Relief and Long-Term Recovery

Yes, in the vast majority of cases your elbow pain is very treatable. In the rare cases of structural damage or a medical cause of your pain, referral to a specialist may be necessary, but your physiotherapist will be able to inform you if this is needed. A through and detailed examination by your physiotherapist will allow them to create a personalised treatment plan for you.

Depending on the injury that you have sustained, it is likely that most injuries will recover within 12 weeks.

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