Custom Made Knee Braces London, Ontario

Experience pain-free knees with custom braces & physiotherap

Professional Fitting Custom-Made Knee Braces

Experience pain-free knees with custom braces & physiotherapy in London, Ontario! 3D scanning, expert fitting & personalized support. Find your perfect fit today.

Quantam Physiotherapy is an established and trusted company that offers professional fitting, custom-made knee braces in London, Ontario. We take our commitment to quality seriously, which is why we offer a 100% guarantee on our services.

We are passionate about helping people with their personalized physio needs. With years of combined experience, our physio team offers you guidance and support every step of the way.

We have an extensive range of personalized brace options to suit everyone’s needs. Our designs give you high-quality support making you feel good about yourself. We provide personalized-fit orthopedic braces in London. Whether you’re an athlete or want to protect your knees and joints, we have the solution for you.

Each of our braces comes with 100% fitting assurance. Contact us today to find the best fit for your knees!

Custom Made Knee Braces London, Ontario

Types of Custom-Made Knee Braces

Prophylactic: A prophylactic brace protects your knee from injuries in contact sports such as football.

Unloader: The unloader brace is to help people with knee arthritis feel reduced discomfort.

Ehabilitative: These are typically used for a few weeks following an injury or surgery, as they may help immobilize the joint.

Unctional: A functional brace is used if you are at high risk of knee damage owing to a structural condition.

Types of Custom-Made Knee Braces
Benefits of Custom-Made Knee Braces

Benefits of Custom Knee Braces for Athletes

Faster healing: Immobilize & stabilize your knee for optimal recovery.

Custom knee braces are your lifesaver if you have experienced a knee injury, regardless of whether you are a runner, an athlete, an older person with arthritis, or just a regular person who enjoys daily walks. These braces are available in various shapes, sizes, and patterns to meet your specialized demands.

A custom knee brace can benefit you by offering: Flexible support, Pain relief, Enhanced comfort, Increased confidence, Faster Healing.

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