Hip Pain Treatment

The Hip is one of the largest joints in our body, It is a ‘ball and socket’ joint

Hip Pain Can Improve with Proper Management

The Hip is one of the largest joints in our body, It is a ‘ball and socket’ joint, much like the shoulder, made up of a deep socket and a large femoral head (ball). The hip joint is deep enough to provide good bony support. Injury, strain or degeneration to cartilage, ligaments or muscles around the hip joint are a common cause of pain in Canada.

Perthes Disease

Perthes disease is a condition that affects children, between the ages of 2-16. It involves loss of blood flow to the femoral head leading to necrosis or death of the bone tissue, resulting in defamation of the femoral head.

This will cause pain around the hip, groin or even into the knee. You may notice that your child stops running and walks with a limp or is avoiding certain activities because of pain. It is critical that your child’s hip pain is assessed by a health professional in order to rule out Perthes Disease.

Hip Pain Treatment

Labral Tear in the Hip

The hip is a very stable joint in the body. This is perticularly because of how deep the socket is, but also because of the labrum that surrounds the edge of the acetabulum.

The labrum creates a negative-pressure seal inside the joint and adds further depth to the socket. The labrum can be damaged or torn when placed under stress or impacted by high intensity activities performed by individuals. This can cause pain and, in certain cases, a decreased stability in the hip joint itself.

Labral Tear in the Hip

Hip Bursitis

Bursae are generally small, fluid-filled sacs that are located between a tendon and a bone used all over the body as a way to reduce the friction or rub.

In the hip the Trochanteric Bursa is located between the gluteal tendon insertions and the greater trochanter (the bony point, on the outside of your hip). When this bursa is inflamed and irritated it can cause pain on certain hip movements and can lead to difficulty in mobility. There are other bursa in the gluteal area which are less commonly affected.

Is my Hip Pain serious?

In majority instances, your hip pain will get better with conservative management and won’t require any surgery or become Chronic. Most hip pain conditions have a gradual onset and aren’t caused by significant trauma or structural damage in the hip joint.

Your physiotherapist at Quantam Physiotherapy will be able to guide you through an appropriate treatment plan. In the case of significant trauma or pain, further investigation or surgical intervention may be required. (Book an Appoinment)

Is my Hip Pain serious?

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