Therapeutic Taping and Bracing for Pain Relief in London, Ontario

Effectively stabilize an injured joint or facilitate the action of a muscle

Stabilise an Injured Joint or Facilitate

Experience the benefits of therapeutic taping and bracing at Quantum Physiotherapy in London, Ontario. Our experienced physiotherapists can help you manage pain, improve mobility, and prevent further injury.

Therapeutic Taping is when a tape is applied to a part of the body in a specific way in order to either stabilise an injured joint or facilitate the action of a muscle. Taping is a very effective addition in your treatment program to provide support and comfort to the injured area and enable you to maximize your exercise tolerance and ability.

Different tapes are used for this purpose, some are stretchy and some tight based on your particular need. Kinesio tapes or stretchy tapes which are very popular these days and are mostly used in tendinitis, tendon injuries, pulled muscles or rotator cuff injuries or tennis elbow.

What to expect?

Based on which type is used the stretchier Kinesio-tape is not super tight and will not interfere with your motion but will support it making movement efficient. These applications typically last for three to four days and need to be redone after.

The tighter tape limits your motion and gives muscle and joint feeling of stability as in the case in ligament injuries. Some people can be allergic to the glue used in the tape and in such people underwrap should be used to avoid skin irritation or the use can be discontinued. Talk with your therapist to find out more.

Taping & Bracing London, Ontario

Braces: Providing Support and Stability for Injured Muscles and Joints

Braces are external supports designed to provide support to ligaments, injured muscles and joints lacky stability. They are also used to properly align the body. Custom-made braces provide personalized support and stability for specific injuries and conditions.

The braces are a very important adjunct in rehabilitating from some ligament injuries and corrective surgeries. Some braces are specially designed for use in arthritic or deteriorating joints and help improve functional mobility.

Injured Muscles
 Therapeutic Braces

The Therapeutic Braces are Commonly Categorized as

Functional - Functional braces are used after sustaining an injury to protect you from further damage to the tissue.
Prophylactic - The prophylactic braces are used to prevent ligament injuries; most common use is in the knee joint. It is mainly used in sports and deteriorating joints.
Rehabilitative - Rehabilitative braces are used post surgery or injury in the rehabilitation phase. It limits or controls the movement in a particular joint to prevent any undue strain and to promote optimal recovery.Common example is the braces used after ACL reconstruction in the knee joint.

Talk to our therapist for guidance on the proper use of a brace for your injury.

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