Headache and Migraine Treatment in London, Ontario

Our experienced physiotherapists can help you identify the root cause of your headaches

Expert Physiotherapy for Chronic Headache Management

Experience lasting relief from chronic headaches with personalized physiotherapy treatment at Quantum Physiotherapy in London, Ontario.

People seek treatment for their headaches, not because of the occasional episodes, but rather for problems that have lasted for several months and have become chronic. Common complaints include migraines and tension headaches, not being able to turn one’s head fully, all-over neck soreness, stabbing pain localized to one spot on the neck, or pain that radiates as far down as the fingertips.

In some cases, headaches and neck pain can be caused by injuries, such as car accidents or sports-related trauma. Often, however, problems can develop through poor posture or from having to perform the same action repeatedly. In addition, a new norm of working from home has created another class of people who spend too much time on their desk working on computers with inadequate postures or in the car, resulting in back, neck and arm problems even including headaches.

Patients who seek treatment from their neck-centered issues are often surprised to learn that some other problems they’ve been experiencing might be related. So even if you think you can “live with” not being able to turn your neck fully, other problems can accumulate.

Headache Treatment

Chronic Migraines or Frequent Bouts

Chronic migraines or frequent bouts of tension headaches, a pinched nerve in your neck may be the culprit, rather than your lifestyle, diet or related posture. In addition, you may also notice that the problems with shoulder mobility — or radiating pains down your arms and hands can be a result of a compressed nerve in the neck vertebrae.

Untreated neck pain can lead to surprising issues:

  • Balance problems
  • Trouble with hand function and grip
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty in respiration

Physiotherapy Treatment for Headache Relief: Strengthening Exercises and Ergonomic Advice

After a detailed assessment once we’ve explored the main reason for your headaches and neck pain, our physiotherapist will develop a treatment plan with you tailored to best suit your condition (Book an Appointment).

In your physiotherapy treatment, you’ll be taken through exercises that build strength and flexibility of the core neck muscles and some manual therapy procedures which help facilitate vertebral motion. Our physiotherapists will also help you learn how to better position yourself during your daily activities to avoid relapses, including ergonomic and posture tips.

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